Clean Your Boat

We can't stress this enough; that a clean boat will sell much faster then a dirty one. Wash the boat down, give it a good polish and waxing. Clean out the bilges. Clean your carpets. Remove Rust Stains, Polish Stainless steel. Remove water spotting from windows. Scrub or acid clean your teak. If you can't be bothered doing it yourself, get a professional detailer from Top Notch Yachts to do it for you!

Working / Functional Boat

Get all the major mechanical and devices working or atleast up to snub. No one wants to buy a boat that everything is broken on. Get oil changes done on your engines / gear boxes. Fix any lights that don't work. Make sure all galley equipment is functional. Make sure toilets and air condtioning is working(first two things to stop working on a yacht). When did you last do your bottom paint? When were the zincs last done...These are questions buyers will be asking, and if they arn't up to par they will wonder what else is wrong.

Remove Your Personal Effects

We see it time after time, people try to sell their boats but still have the idea that they should keep some personal items on board incase they want to use it..etc. Take all noticeable items off the boat, when a buyer comes on board he wants to envision his/her things on board and how they would look, and nothing does this better than with a clean canvas (or clean boat). Also personal items can get thought of as "comes with the boat items" and this can cause some negotation conflict come closing time.


Price your boat competitively but don't price yourself out of a sale.

Gone are the days where one could just look at other MLS listings and come up with a fair price. There are multiple factors that should take place when actively assessing a definitive pricing margin for your boat. We at Jansen Yacht Group can help with determining a competetive price for your yacht, that will expedite the sale time and get maximum attention to your listing.


There is a big difference from having good photos and GREAT photos. We think that this is imperative in creating a rock solid listings and is a KEY factor in drawing major attention and potential leads to your listing.

We use DSLR cameras and special photo editors to really enhance our clients photos. We then take drone footage of the vessel while underway for those long distance shots. We also do a Point-of-view walk through video of the vessel, anything to make the view feel as though they are already on the boat, or that they already own it!

Pre-Sale Survey

Tackle any problems or issues before they arise in the buyers survey.

Doing a pre-sale survey acts as a great incentive for buyers, they can see that you have done your diligence before the sale to have it inspected. If the boat is in inpeccable shape the pre-sale survey will clarify this. It also gives you time to address any problems before the buyer has his survey undoubtabley find them.