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Client Funds / Escrow Accounts

We maintain both a Canadian and USD trust account for safely and securely transferring and holding client deposits and payments.


We walk you through every step. From the offer & sales and purchase agreements, registration, titling, documentation to tax obligations. We have you covered.

Buyer or Seller Broker

Whether your looking to purchase a boat locally or internationally, we can assist in everyway. We also can help you market and sell your boat, we do both.

Survey & Sea Trial

This is where things can usually get a little tense during a purchase. We give you peace of mind, and we assist in finding solutions to any survey findings. We Coach clients on negotiating a good closing price.

We know that the Canadian dollar and the American dollar are constantly fluctuating, and we all know that sometimes the boat you want is on the other side of the border. We like to bridge the gap of this border for our clients and allow them to broaden their purchase capabilities by using our broker's to find the boat you want, regardless of its geographical location.

That being said, because our dollar is so low, it is a very lucrative way to save money for Americans by purchasing boats up in Canada and cruising them back to your home port in the United States. We also encourage Americans to leave their boats on the docks up here in Vancouver Island, the moorage and maintenance is cheaper (with the dollar being low) and the possibility to sell your boat through us up here is a very attractive option.

We also cant stress enough, that if you are looking for a quality boat to last for many years to come that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. So do your diligence and pick a quality yacht through Jansen Yacht Group, and be happy that you made a sound investment. When you purchase through us, you are backed by our team to help, support and guide you through the purchase and to handle all your questions after the purchase has been made.

Our Client Testimonial

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What We Do
We facilitate our clients with professional and honest approach to buying a boat. We let you know the difference between the boats you are thinking about purchasing and how one might fit your needs better.
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